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What does fitness look like?

According to the photos that came up below when I did a Google and Pinterest search of 'fitness', the image of fitness is a white 20-something cisgender female (or male) with visible abs. How did this even come to be? And what does it mean if you're the majority of us who don't, will never, or don't really want to look like this?

[Apologies to those who ARE white, 20-something, cisgender females. I promise I don't have anything against you. I just want to make way for more body types to be seen as beautiful and healthy.]

Where is the space and celebration of other body types as healthy, beautiful, and normal? - Disabled and Abled, Multi-ethnic and Multi-racial, Senior, Gender-expansive?

How many people give up or don't even start because they look at that 'norm' and don't see themselves?

How far removed does a "healthy lifestyle" seem from your day to day life?

It's time to change the expectations and image of fitness. Slim is not synonymous with healthy. Young, white, cisgender, able-bodied is not the majority.


At Sweat Equity Wellness, we can train you online, in person at your location or ours, or a hybrid of both, You’ll get nutrition coaching support as well. AND a free app that you can follow for your plan with easy to follow videos and direct messaging to your trainer.

If you’re not sure, but want to speak with someone, please just reach out with your questions or set up a FREE, no sales, no pressure consultation. Honest. Our goal is to ensure training is available to anyone who wants it. We offer sliding scale coaching to accommodate anyone’s needs.


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