Break down the physical, mental, and financial barriers to deep health 

Certified Holistic Health Coaching and Personal Training tailored SPECIFICALLY to YOU

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Accessible, Client-Centric Coaching for AnyBODY

No matter your fitness level or ability

Nutrition Coaching

Macros, Micros, How to Eat for YOUR body and goals. No guilt. Food does not have morals.

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Personal Training

Personalized combination of Strength, Cardio, Mobility, Flexibility

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Sleep, Stress, Recovery

It takes time and support to create habits and set goals that work for us.   

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Hi, I'm Kaz 

and I help clients make the changes they're ready, willing, and able to achieve. I work with you to define YOUR personal priorities, implement your medical providers’ recommendations, and create programs that fit your individual life.

​My practice is judgment-free, inclusive, and 100% personalized.

​My mission is to break down the physical, psychological, and financial barriers to deep health.

More About Me


Seniors, People with disabilities, and LGBTQIA+ (especially trans and gender-expansive) communities are typically under-served and unseen in the realm of martial arts, wellness, nutrition coaching, and personal training. I aim to serve these populations AND build awareness and support of these communities, normalizing and celebrating differences, creating a safe environment and supportive atmosphere.  

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Accessible + Inclusive

Your ability, gender, age, or body size won't be considered limiting factors 

Use HSA/FSA Funds

If you have an FSA or HSA, you can use it to pay for coaching.

Sliding Scale

Fitness is worth the investment, but that investment should be equitable. 

Kim E., 82yo

"I was really nervous to start the exercises, but Kaz made it so fun for me! I feel energized and can even put my pants on without holding on to something now!"

Jen R.

"Kaz really LISTENS to me and tailors a plan that makes me feel comfortable, but also pushes me in just the right ways."

Frankie M.

"Kaz has a way of explaining things and making people relax. There are not enough people in the world like her."