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New Year's Resolutions

How many of our resolutions are based on self-loathing rather than self-love?

2021 is upon us! 2020 was a strange year that affected each of us so deeply, and I'm sure so many new resolutions are now being formed at the start of this new decade.

How many of you have made fitness or health or weight loss-related resolutions? How many of you have made variations of these resolutions in years before? THIS is the year you'll finally make the gym a regular part of your life. And maybe you will, for the next month or so, and then gradually, as it becomes more and more boring, or overwhelming, or maybe it's just too much pressure feeling like you don't fit in or everyone is judging you/your body.

How many of your resolutions are based on changing things you don't like about yourself?

I have a radical thought -- what if we resolve this year to STOP the negative self-chatter and focus on the things we like or love about ourselves? We can all improve aspects of ourselves, but what if we START from a place of self-love instead?


Now, can it be healthier, stronger, more balanced, more flexible, more mobile, less painful? Certainly. But there's no shame in who we are or what we look like as we are. Health, strength, and flexibility comes in all shapes and sizes. Let's remember that.

And we need to work with people who love and appreciate us as we are and help us find what we personally need to feel better and move better. So many times our blocks are mental rather than physical. Work with someone who doesn't make assumptions about you based on what you look like, but will SEE YOU and help you break through your own personal barriers and blocks, whatever they may be, to make healthy changes that will last a lifetime, not a guilt-driven month or two.


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